ISO 9001 : 2015

Quality Metrics

  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Drug & Alcohol Free Environment
  • Prompt Deployment

  • Initial Training
  • Specialized Training
  • Ongoing Education

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Who we are

25+ Years of experience in manpower management

We started in 1998 as a Security Agency in Thane City. The company grew rapidly, providing services to prestigious brands throughout the Mumbai area. Partnering with thoroughly-vetted service providers in various locations, our reach expanded to Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka & Telangana.

Over time, our service quality and reliability prompted many of our clients to ask whether we could offer more services. Hence, in 2020, we started, MIT's Facility Solutions Pvt Ltd with a clear vision of helping our existing clients and exploring horizons with the rest of the market.

MIT's top management is made up of young entrepreneurs with relevant expertise and exposure in the domain. And having been trusted by Industry leaders, We are aspirational of permeating the majority of facility solutions market.


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